Zbrush Sculpt

This section present characters that i model from different projects .


Hulk – Personal project .

Orc – This model was created from a concept sketch ( attached ) and that Ape should be an Orc ! 🙂 the project was a test for a studio .


April –

AprilBack Aprilbackfront Aprilfront AprilHead AprilHeadPrespective AprilHeadPrespective2 AprilturnaroundApril 1April10


Shao Khan – This Project was made for a client who intend to print my character , this is Shao Khan from Mortal Combat ( reference attached )


Elf Bust – This project made for a client for the purposes of 3D printing , i was given a concept sketch as guide ( attached )


This Project was when i was working for Monsters Art and was responsible for modeling and texturing various character using Maya , Zbrush , Xnormal and Photoshop for there mobile game called : " Beat IT "

Eddie –

Zoey –

Rihanna –

Batman – I made this project on my spare time using Zbrush render in Maya using Mental ray as clay shader


Fairy – I made this project a few years ago , started in Zbrush with old base mesh of woman and pose it with Transpose and add mushrooms that was built in Maya


Merida – As a part of the team in Ominous i was responsible for model , texture and shade the rebel female character for there MMORPG game .
It was really fun project which i learn a lot along the process ! the model consist 10025 Tris and 5332 Polygons ( reference attached )

MerridaFinal01 MerridaFinal02 MerridaFinal03 MerridaFinal04

Nightmare On Elm Street – This Model was created for contest a few years ago at CG.Society – Hard Core Modeling , the subject was to choose a classic movie and make it in 3D . I choose Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm St

I won The first place as The Best Model for the contest .

Behemoth –  This Image was Created a few years ago when Smite Entrainment hire me as freelance character artist and i was responsible for create highrez and low rez model for there game .


This section is intended to show the anatomy of the face and facial portraits I do in my spare time .

NatalieDancer+ Rihanna02 Man4 Woman03 Female

Sea Creature –

SeaCreature2 SeaCreature Finalrender6



Flesh Balls – This model was made a few years ago , the concept was made by Miles Teves , model in Zbrush and render using Maya and Mental Ray

Demon – This Project was made in my spare time using Zbrush and render in Maya with Mental Ray

Gorilla – This Model was made Using Zbrush 2 years ago

Velocipator – This model was made using Zbrush for client and render with Mental Ray

Aliens – This models was inspire by a concept sketch that i found on the net while looking for inspiration , unfortunately i don't remember the name of the artist so i can't credit him .

I start the alien with the worm head a few years ago and 2 month ago decided to add the second alien as well .

I all ready started to texture them as well so i hope soon i can show the final outer space kinda scene

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